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German Course in Halle: Learn to Speak German with Learn and Speak!

  • Do you want to expand your social contacts in Germany and finally feel at home?
  • Do you want to be able to communicate seamlessly with your supervisors and colleagues at work?
  • Are you from abroad and want to learn German in Halle to study or find a job?

At Learn and Speak, your language school in Halle, we provide a variety of language courses to support you in learning the German language. Whether you are a beginner with no prior knowledge or already have some basic understanding of German:


German is not difficult
With the right language course!


In order to enjoy your stay in Halle and your life in Germany, good knowledge of the German language is essential. Language skills contribute to an improved quality of life both in private and professional settings.


Our qualified teachers and language trainers ensure that, upon completion of the language course, you join the millions of people who speak German as a second or foreign language.

Our German courses at a glance:

In our comprehensive German course offerings, there is certainly the right language course for you:

German courses as open group courses: effective and affordable

You learn German in small groups, allowing you to learn the language with a lot of fun. Through group work and individual language exercises, you directly apply your new German skills and learn in a pleasant atmosphere with like-minded individuals.

Here are some statements from participants about our group German courses:

I am very satisfied with the program and the staff. My trainer was very nice and in good spirits. The training schedule worked well for me, and even with COVID-19, the program functioned smoothly.


Cesar Teodoro Cardenas de la Cruz, Deutsch B2 am Abend


I am very pleased; I have acquired my German language skills very well. I can only recommend it. :)


Adam Grudzinski, Deutsch B2 am Abend

Individual German courses: personalized and tailored to your needs

Do you have specific topics you would like to address in your German learning? Then private individual lessons are the right choice for you. You learn the German language with a language teacher who can fully cater to your needs. You are the focus here, and the learning is tailored to your personal learning goals.

Kontaktieren Sie uns jetzt! Wir beraten Sie gerne zu unserem gesamten Deutschkurs-Angebot und den Fördermöglichkeiten.

Susanne Heine
Tel.: +49 345 678 98-47

Unser Deutschkurs-Angebot für Unternehmen und Deutsch für den Beruf:

Our intensive German courses are popular for learning German for use in the work environment.

German courses for corporate training

Do you employ several foreign workers and want to improve communication within your company? Then our corporate training, tailored to your language needs, is the perfect choice for you. In this individual form of language instruction, the language trainer can also address industry-specific language skills.

Occupational language courses (DeuFöV)

Good language skills are essential for success in the professional world. Attend our occupational language courses and improve your German language skills for use in a professional environment. Participating in an occupational language course opens up additional opportunities for career advancement. Furthermore, successfully completing the course can support the recognition process of foreign professional qualifications.

Take a German language exam and document your German language skills

Boost your professional advancement by taking a German language exam. You will receive an internationally recognized language certificate, documenting your German language skills. This increases your chances of employment in future applications both domestically and internationally.

Our German course offerings for migrants:

Integration courses

Integration courses are supported by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) and are available to immigrants for up to 700 teaching units. You will learn German and gain knowledge about German culture, politics, and history.

German intensive courses funded by the Federal Employment Agency or the Job Center (AVGS)

Through an education voucher, you have the opportunity to complete a financially supported intensive course. This course increases your chances of employment in the primary job market. If you already have a job, you can use the education voucher for professional development.

With our comprehensive range of German courses, we ensure that you learn exactly what you need!

Professional language courses

Teresa Häseler
Tel.: +49 345 678 98-41

Integration courses

Solveig Steffens
Phone: +49 345 678 98-0

Education voucher/AVGS

Teresa Häseler
Phone: +49 345 678 98-41

Here are some statements from participants about our German courses:

I have already learned 600 hours of German, and the teacher was very good. His name is Thomas.


Ahmad Tahhan, Google Rezension


An excellent place to learn the German language and interact with people from other countries.


Daniel Montealegre, Facebook Bewertung


An incredibly good school where everyone is willing to help you. The quality of the teaching is of a very high level! With your own motivation, they help you achieve your goals.


Justus Florian, Facebook Bewertung

German courses in Halle at all language levels:

At lingua we offer language courses in Halle at all levels.

In order for you to attend a German course with the appropriate language level, our course offering maps all language levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. After a placement test, you will know exactly what level your knowledge is at and can take language courses with the language level that suits you best.

Here is an overview of Learn and Speak German courses of the different language levels:


German courses A1 and A2 - Learn German for beginners:

In our German courses for beginners, all basic language skills are taught. You will learn to communicate in German. After reaching the learning goal, you will be able to communicate in German in many areas of everyday life.


German courses B1 and B2 - learning German for advanced learners:

Using the German language independently and coping with large parts of everyday life in linguistic terms: this is the learning objective of the German B1 and B2 language levels for advanced learners. You will be able to communicate in German. After reaching the learning goal, you will be able to report on events as well as understand and communicate more complex contexts.


German courses C1 and C2 - learning German for professionals:

Have you mastered the basics of the German language and also have advanced language skills? Then attend a German course C1 and C2. This will enable you to use the language fluently and communicate privately and professionally at a near-native level.


Start now and learn German in Halle!

Let us advise you personally

Contact us now! We will be happy to answer your questions about the language levels and the placement test.


Solveig Steffens
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Book a German course in Halle - Why you should learn German at Learn and Speak!

Learn and Speak is your language expert and first contact for language learning in Halle.


Learn German in the heart of the city of Halle!


Our many years of experience in the field of language teaching and, in particular, our quality guidelines for successful language teaching are the reason for our success.


 The language learning concept of Learn and Speak is applied by a worldwide network of independent language schools.

Rely on Learn and Speak as your partner with over 50 years of experience in language training!

Our language students especially appreciate:


  • Our German lessons at a high level by trained and qualified language teachers.
  • Learning German on demand through our wide range of courses and specific learning opportunities for individuals and companies.
  • A wide range of language courses, depending on the preferred learning option: be it learning in small groups or in private one-to-one lessons.
  • A pleasant learning atmosphere in our classrooms as well as a friendly and professional customer service.


Which German course to book?

  • You are not sure which German course is right for you?
  • Is a group course or individual lessons more suitable?
  • At which language level should you start?


 We will provide you with all the information you need to make the right course choice. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Contact us now! We will be happy to answer your questions about the language levels and the placement test.


Solveig Steffens
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