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The Qualification Opportunities Act

Continuing education initiative of the Federal Employment Agency

Funding Opportunities for Further Education in the Company

- Up to 100% funding of costs

Further Education Initiative by the Federal Employment Agency

What does the program include?

The program WeGebAU (Further Education for Low-skilled and Older Employees in Companies) is aimed at employees who do not have a vocational qualification or have not worked in their learned profession or in an unskilled profession for four years, as well as employees who are at least 45 years old.

With the Qualification Opportunities Act, this program of the Federal Employment Agency has been expanded. With this law, companies with more than 250 employees also have the opportunity to have their employees further trained through advancement or adaptation qualifications to maintain their employment.

The basic requirements for this program are an existing employment relationship that extends beyond the end of the further training measure, as well as the implementation of the qualification measure by an external, certified educational provider such as Learn and Speak Language Centers.

A summary of the possibilities can be downloaded here.

What is funded?

Qualification measures such as language courses are eligible for funding by the Federal Employment Agency under the specified conditions. The aim is to improve the qualifications of employed workers and to reduce shortages in occupations with labor market demand.

How is funding provided?

The funding is provided through a subsidy of up to 100% of the training costs, as well as relief for the employer in case of any loss of working time by the employee, up to 75% of the wage.

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What are the requirements for funding?
  • Offered by an external, certified training provider, such as LaS Center
  • The training must include future-oriented qualifications and consist of at least 120 training hours
  • Comparable further training must have taken place at least four years ago
How do I get the funding?

We are happy to support you in applying for the funding and establish contact with the Employer Service, which will work with you to develop a funding strategy.

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