Subsidized German courses, Education Voucher, and Education Premium

State-subsidized continuing vocational education

Subsidized language courses for private individuals

There are a variety of government funding programs for your professional development.

You will find targeted financial incentives to make your continuing education affordable and to expand your individual opportunities at work.


Access requirements for course participation

The written placement test is a prerequisite for course participation. This can be supplemented by an interview with the pedagogical director to determine suitability and the starting module.

Our course graduates have an above-average placement rate of over 75% in the primary labor market. Over 80% reach the course goal with excellent final results (TOEIC or telc).

Learn and Speak is integrated as a provider of business languages for companies in the network logistics in Central Germany as well as a cooperation partner with other educational institutions working e.g. in the field of technology, logistics, commercial professions and care.

Education voucher

With the education voucher, the Federal Employment Agency also promotes vocational foreign language training for the unemployed, employees and people returning to work. The voucher is issued if the responsible employment agency deems further training to be necessary.

Education premium (premium voucher)

With the premium voucher, the state covers part of the cost of further education in a foreign language. Employees and self-employed persons whose taxable annual income is up to 20,000 euros (jointly assessed: up to 40,000 euros) can apply for the voucher. Employees on maternity leave, parental leave or nursing leave are also eligible for the premium voucher.

The prerequisite for receiving the so-called premium voucher is a counseling session at a counseling center.

The personal requirements, the exact goal of the further education and the requirements for the further education will be discussed. Information on the premium voucher and counseling centers can be found here.

The counseling center will advise you on all questions regarding the education premium:

  • What further education do you want to do?
  • What should be the goal of the course or training?
  • Have you already found a specific provider? etc.?

The counseling center will check whether the eligibility criteria are met, name at least three continuing education providers and issue you a personal premium voucher.

You can use the premium voucher for courses, exams or certificates. As well as for all measures that serve further education.

Activation and placement voucher

With the activation and placement voucher (AVGS), the employment agency certifies that a job seeker or unemployed person meets the eligibility requirements for one or more measures for activation and professional integration. The voucher specifies the objective of the measure and its content, and a funding commitment is issued.


Subsidy for individual job-related further education and for the acquisition of additional qualifications for trainees and students at vocational schools in Saxony-Anhalt.

Increase knowledge, expand skills, develop competencies. This program for individual vocational qualification and courses accompanying apprenticeships or school helps to make professional dreams come true.

More information about this support program can be found here.

Sponsored German courses

Integration courses

The integration of foreigners legally residing in Germany on a permanent basis into the economic, cultural and social life in Germany is promoted.

To ensure faster integration in Germany, asylum seekers and tolerated persons with good prospects of remaining have also been granted access to integration courses on application since November 2015. Currently, asylum seekers from the following countries of origin can apply: Eritrea, Iraq, Iran, Somalia and Syria.

In addition to these groups of people, citizens of the European Union (EU), spouses, cohabitants or family members can apply to participate in the integration courses with financial support.

Job-related German courses

Parallel to or following the integration courses, job-related language and further qualification modules for job-seeking as well as employed migrants and refugees are funded. The national job-related German language support is made up of various modules that can be individually combined in a modular fashion and combine German language instruction with measures provided by the Federal Employment Agency.

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