The virtual classroom


Design your learning environment yourself and create a learning atmosphere according to your wishes

Your virtual classroom at Learn and Speak

You are often on the road or don't have time to come to our center? The nearest center is far away? No problem: with the Virtual Classroom, our trainer comes to you no matter where you are.

You continue to speak with a "real" flesh-and-blood Learn and Speak trainer, who is simply in a different location.



With virtual classroom training at Learn and Speak, you have:

  • The benefits of face-to-face instruction with a native-speaking trainer
  • interactive, flexible training without the need to travel to our language center, thus saving on travel costs and travel time
  • Extended follow-up options, unlimited in time and place
  • Best of all, all Learn and Speak materials are seamlessly integrated on our platform and you can access them during class.

The volume of lessons is defined quite flexibly according to the needs of you, the participant. For example, you can choose a crash course to work on specific content or book a course over a longer period of time, including a combination of classroom training at our center and virtual classroom lessons.

Using an online platform that we make available to you, you learn the language of your choice in live lessons with a specially trained Learn and Speak trainer. On your screen, you have eye contact with your trainer and - in the case of group lessons - with the other participants. You speak and communicate just like in a real classroom and can work together on the whiteboard.


If you ...

  • do not find the right course at your place of residence
  • are often on the road
  • or for other reasons cannot or do not want to come to the nearest Learn and Speak Center
  • have to give an important presentation in a foreign language and want to practice it beforehand
  • want to practice a job interview in a foreign language
  • want to practice a conference call in English
  • or want to make up for missed lessons in your English course
  • need feedback from your trainer or want to rework certain points

... then the Learn and Speak virtual classroom is exactly what you need!



With one-on-one training in the Virtual Classroom, your Learn and Speak trainer can focus on your individual needs and wishes. Language training cannot be more individual.


Elements of the training in the Virtual Classroom

  • Free online placement test followed by detailed personal consultation
  • individual online introduction to technology and user interface with test training
  • Live lessons with a specially trained native speaker trainer
  • Learn and Speak learning material tailored to your previous knowledge and learning content
  • Access to the Learn and Speak online learning with extensive additional practice opportunities
  • The ability to view recorded previous training sessions and review them at any time


We are happy to assist you!

Contact us by phone at 0345 67898-0, via email, or simply use our contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you!